Begin Your Very Own Extreme Home Makeover With Help From Ty Pennington

Nearly everyone can use a little help when faced with the task of furnishing one’s home, whether it’s a full-scale makeover or sprucing up just one corner of a single room. And few celebrities on the scene today are more trusted and liked than Ty Pennington, the home-decor expert and wildly popular host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Ty Pennington. Photo Courtesy of Ty Pennington

Every week, Pennington and his crew perform magic by building a custom-designed home that helps an unfortunate family, down on its luck, and desperately in need of a helping hand. Few of us deserve such largesse, but many of us would love to tap into Pennington’s design talent, as well as his eye for decor, color, and functionality.

Well, now we can, thanks to Pennington’s joining forces with Howard Miller, a company renowned for its fine home furnishings for more than 80 years, to bring an exciting new group of products to the home furnishings market called Howard Miller Home Storage Solutions by Ty Pennington.

This initial product launch—available at Howard Miller dealers throughout the country—is a line of beautiful, versatile home storage solutions that incorporate Pennington’s love for quality, trendsetting style and Howard Miller’s commitment to fine craftsmanship and fashion-forward design. The line includes a variety of creative storage furnishings for every room in the home, as well as a signature line of clocks.

Commenting on this new venture with Howard Miller, Pennington remarked, “I couldn’t be more pleased about working with Howard Miller, a company that is just as dedicated to quality and style as I am. I understand how many consumers struggle with decorating and furnishing their homes, and I want to change that. Offering my expertise to guide people through the process is my goal, and launching Howard Miller Home Storage Solutions by Ty Pennington gives me the opportunity to do just that.”

Handsome Signature Line of Clocks by Pennington

Regarding clocks, Pennington has this to say: “I love clocks—they’re the ultimate in functional room decor.”

This passion is evident in Pennington’s line of clocks for Howard Miller, starting with the Fulton Floor Clock—a classic, stately clock with simple lines, which are accentuated by a distinctive pediment, and uncomplicated columns that frame the door and base. The ivory dial, specially inscribed with Pennington’s signature, features silver and black dual-tone Roman numerals, and brushed nickel-finished bezel and hands. The front opening door and sides have insert panels, while beveled glass highlights the piece throughout, with removable beveled glass top-side panels for easy access to the movement.

The Glenwood Falls Gallery Wall Clock would be a welcome addition to any home, with its black satin finish with worn edges—and, again, Pennington’s signature on the dial. An aged crackle background, aged Arabic numerals, and aged black spade hands highlight the dial. A pendulum widow at the “6” location is showcased by an antique gold-finished case frame revealing an antique brass-finished pendulum bob.

Storage Solutions for Every Home

In designing the new storage offerings, Pennington offers consumers a new line of handsomely crafted, high-quality furniture pieces that beautifully will display and organize all the things of everyday life. What better place to start than the often-cluttered, always-busy hallway?

With Pennington’s beautiful and functional Hallway Organizer, it’s now possible to organize—stylishly—all the necessary paraphernalia that collects in our heavily traveled halls and entryways. Part of the Lifestyle Storage collection, it is a craftsman-style cabinet that provides ample room to hang coats, hats, and scarves, or stow shoes, backpacks, and carry-alls, while safely holding keys and the daily mail.

A Howard Miller clock beautifully centers the organizer, while also providing a convenient and practical reminder of the time. Anchoring the piece is an aromatic cedar boot bin, topped with a khaki, welted seat cushion with washable, zip-off covers for comfort and style. The bin drawer features a grate and plastic dip trays for soaked boots or a recently used umbrella, along with a ventilated back panel for circulation.

Designed with the busy, multitasking homeowner in mind, the organizer also features an AC power supply with a six-outlet charging station for all the cell phones, iPods, and GPS devices we can’t seem to live without. And the ultimate in practicality is the slide-out white board—removable for easier writing—for that last-minute reminder as we are heading for the door. Rounding out this all-in-one genie of a cabinet are two mail bins, four key hooks, and a slide-out tack board.

Sprucing Up for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us already are thinking about our holiday parties, and deciding it’s about time we traded up for some nicer entertainment pieces. Included in the Personal Storage line by Howard Miller and Pennington is a stylish wine storage piece that is a wine lover’s dream.

Many of us enjoy wine, and love serving it to our guests, but struggle with how to store it attractively, along with the appropriate stemware, and where to decant. Look no farther than the Zoe wine storage organizer, which features a cabinet in a choice of five different finishes, along with an equal choice of hardware. One door features plain glass, while two others have insert panels. Four additional drawers provide plenty of space to store all our other entertaining needs, such as tablecloths, napkins, and hors d’oeuvres plates, plus the silver wine corks.

Best of all, every item included in the Personal Storage Collection, including Zoe, is totally customizable. Choose from a wealth of finishes and hardware options, along with unique configurations that correspond with individual tastes and furnishing needs. Try it—it’s easy. Just go to the Howard Miller Web site, follow the prompts, and begin to design your very own personal storage piece.

So, no matter what your storage needs are, Howard Miller Home Storage Solutions by Ty Pennington provide a variety of options that will meet any need, and complement any decor style. In addition to this inaugural line of home storage solutions, look for new products and home accents in a variety of categories in 2009 brought to you exclusively by Howard Miller and Pennington.

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