Barbers on Bryant

If you ever have gone to a new barber, only to receive a cut that’s less than perfect, Brian Preston, co-owner of Barbers on Bryant, has some surprising advice: Give him or her a second chance.

“You have to let them give you more than one haircut,” Preston says. “It takes two or three times of cutting people’s hair before you get to know it, so it’s not right to go once, and not try it again to see what he’ll do—so he can see what it looks like when it grows out, and change the cut.”

Barbers also aren’t mind-readers, so Preston adds that it’s best to get a pretty good idea of what you want before your appointment.

Those two client responsibilities met, if you’re looking for an old-fashioned razor shave, a beard trim, or a great cut, Barbers on Bryant offers affordable services in a relaxing atmosphere.

Both Preston and co-owner Audie Howe are seasoned professionals, with 11 years of experience between them. Howe was honored with Lavender’s 2007 Fab 50 Award for “Barber.”

For many years, both Howe and Preston rented chairs at another area barbershop, but felt it was time they went into business by themselves.

“We’re in a beautiful shop. It’s my dream place to work,” Preston enthuses.

A strong background in customer service has encouraged Preston to be flexible with his clients and their lifestyles. For example, he understands that some men forego a regularly maintained cut in favor of letting their hair grow out between appointments.

As Preston explains, “Audie’s clients tend to be a little more regimented, getting a cut every three or four weeks. I was never like that—I let it go until it got to be too much, and then, I’d go get another haircut.”

Certainly, with haircuts priced at just $15, being able to maintain a consistent style is attainable at Barbers on Bryant for those who make that choice.

Barbers on Bryant takes walk-ins. However, Preston recommends making an appointment by calling either cell phone number.

The shop cuts both men’s and women’s hair. Free parking is available both in an onsite lot and along Bryant Avenue.

BARBERS on Bryant
Year Founded: 2008
Presidents/CEOs: Audie Howe, Brian Preston
Number of Employees: 2
Address: 2920 Bryant Ave. S., Mpls.
Phones: (612) 203-1880 (Howe)
(612) 309-8743 (Preston)
Web Site:

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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