Appliance Trends: Appliances to Enhance Your Home

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Stainless Steel

Yes, stainless steel isn’t new, nor is it anything innovative when it comes to appliances. But these shining beasts of the kitchen are still the hottest appliances to install. What is new are their designs and features. Going with the American trend that bigger is better, they have added capacity to allow for more food, more dishes, and just plain more—from refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers.

Hi-Tech Appliances

Again, stainless steel isn’t new, but the technology being incorporated into it is. Refrigerators have been on the front line with cable TVs and digital photo albums placed on the doors, so as you walk to the fridge on game day, you’re guaranteed not to miss a shot, putt, basket, or touchdown. On the other side of the kitchen, ovens are being created that help prevent the blackened dinner, and turn even the most inept cooker into…well, someone who doesn’t burn everything he or she places in the oven.

LED Lights

Gone are the days of the blinding midnight snacks. All the new ovens, microwaves, and fridges are starting to replace those old—very old—outdated lights with new energy-efficient LEDs. Not only are these lights better for the environment and saving some energy, but also they don’t blind the weary snack-seeker. The lights slowly brighten as the door is opened to provide a more pleasant experience.


Yes, steam is the way to go, and no, not just steam-cleaning the carpet. Appliance makers have started adding steam to cleaning and cooking. Manufacturers just now are jumping on this bandwagon that has taken off from floors and carpets. Not only is steam chemical-free (it’s just hot water, after all), but also it’s efficient, now being used in every household area from cooking to laundry.

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