Anomalous Stature

What’s dubbed insanity in the working classes is thought no more than minor eccentricity among society’s elite. However, it sometimes does one good to dabble in the fashion pathos of the uber rich. They don’t care if their getups occasionally draw tabloid aggro. The irony is, one who flaunts convention often fathers the next generation of it. So don’t be surprised if your avant-garde, Beale-esque accessories are soon echoed on your frenemies.

Produced by Mike Hnida & E.B. Boatner
Hair & Makeup by Tracey Tischler
Styled by Adam Lang
Photography by Mike Hnida, Lavender Studios
Models: Kym with Agency Models & Talent; Darin with Arquette & Associates; Clare
Introduction by Heidi Fellner
Special thanks to Michael-jon Pease at Park Square Theatre

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