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Midwesterners may feel a little guilty about wanting to look younger, but the desire to look good always has been a natural part of being human. Our society as a whole—and more specifically the job market—rewards those who look more youthful.

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom, MD, of ANew Aesthetic Medical Center, says, “There’s nothing new about looking for the fountain of youth. There have been tonics and snake oils dating back centuries.”

What is new is that products and procedures actually work, and without the long recovery time and scarring patients experienced even 10 years ago.

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom, MD. Photo Courtesy of Crystal Bright Photography

Follicular Unit Extraction, for example, restores a more youthful hairline and fullness without the “doll hair” look that characterized hair-restoration efforts in the past, and without the telltale linear scar that used to be found in the “donor” area.

Additionally, a new laser procedure called photobiostimulation can be employed to augment natural hair growth, either complementing or replacing the extraction procedure entirely.

ANew Aesthetic Medical Center performs both procedures. Its client list includes WCCO announcer Denny Long, as well as patients from all over the country.

ANew assists patients who want more youthful-looking skin and facial contours. But not everyone wants the world to know they’ve had something aggressive done when it comes to their face. Here, a lighter but effective touch can make all the difference between looking fake and looking like a more-radiant, more-dynamic version of yourself.

Hagstrom declares, “That is my whole goal. I want you to come in, and have nobody ask you what you did. I want you to hear things like: ‘Wow you look great! Did you get a haircut? Lose weight? Sleep really well?’”

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, ANew has a number of options: laser treatments, botox and fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other medical skin care products that enhance the skin’s appearance over time. Different treatments address different issues, of course, but another consideration is recovery time.

Hagstrom explains, “In general, the more aggressive the approach, the faster you want the change, the more recovery time. But most people can heal up and have improvement within one week. We use specialized camouflage posttreatment regimens that help people get back into their lives a little bit faster.”

ANew also provides less-invasive body-contouring procedures.

Initial consultations for any procedure are free. For out-of-town hair restoration patients, Hagstrom often can do an evaluation using photos.

Located in the skyway, ANew offers valet parking.

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