Amy Ruzick & Kay T. Johnson

Amy Ruzick & Kay T. Johnson

Finding a realtor is easy: Do an online search of Minneapolis alone, and you will see 780 different yellow pages listings. However, finding the realtor who will serve you best can be more difficult. Most home buyers and sellers really want the same thing: to find a real estate agent who is perfectly attuned to their needs, easily accessible, available for showings, trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable. But realtors these days have an almost impossible job: The market’s shaky and unpredictable, and their clients have longer workdays, so these professionals must expand their working hours accordingly.

Photo Courtesy of Amy Ruzick (left) and Kay T. Johnson

Amy Ruzick and Kay T. Johnson, both realtors with Re/Max Results, may have come up with an ideal solution: For the past five years, they’ve worked as a team.

Johnson says, “Usually, when we meet with somebody the first time, we meet with them together. Then, if one of us is available, and the other one isn’t, it’s easier than just having one person or an assistant. We can spread our time having the two of us.”

Additionally, while some realtors may turn their phone off at a certain point in the evening to retain some semblance of a private life, because Ruzick and Johnson also are romantically involved, their business does not detract from that aspect of their lives.

As Ruzick jokes, “It gives us a reason to be together 24 hours a day!”

Not having the stress of trying to be everywhere at once also helps Ruzick and Johnson maintain a laid-back sales attitude, while being serious about their business.

Ruzick explains, “We’re not the typical real estate agent. You’re not going to see us in the big fancy car and the high-powered suit, and we’re definitely not high-pressure sales people. We believe that houses pretty much sell themselves, and it’s our job to guide you through that process.”

The duo’s team philosophy also enables them to offer services that other realtors might not, such as accompanying a client when he or she meets with a loan officer.

Ruzick remarks, “Not everyone knows everything about mortgages, and they don’t know what they don’t know. And if they’re not comfortable, or don’t understand a piece of it, their impression of the whole transaction will not be as good as it could have been.”

To schedule an appointment with Ruzick and Johnson, call (651) 492-1044 for Ruzick or (612) 802-8261 for Johnson. Their office is at 2100 Ford Parkway, St. Paul. More information is available at

Name of Company: Re/MaxResults
Year Founded: 1986
President/CEO: Dave Liniger
Number of Employees: Re/Max has multiple offices throughout the Twin Cities area—Ruzick and Johnson work together.
Phone: (612) 492-1044 (Ruzick), (612) 802-8261 (Johnson)
Web Site:

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