Issue 710

Another Season With The Orpheum

By Brett Burger / August 11, 2022

For the Orpheum, a new season means a new crop of previously Tony Award-Nominated and Award winning shows coming to…

The Second Time Around: Andrew Walesch

By Isaac Johnson / August 11, 2022

“Nobody hates Frank Sinatra,” says Andrew Walesch, the musical director at Crooner’s Supper Club in Fridley, Minnesota. For those who…

Deep Fried Everything On A Stick and More

By Linda Raines / August 11, 2022

Heat waves shimmering above asphalt and concrete, dust motes shining and floating in the streaming sunlight, raised upward by the…

Jetset’s Return Has Gone Underground

By Randy Stern / August 11, 2022

Jetset is back!  It took a pandemic to re-introduce us to one of the most unique and stylish venues for…

Neighborhood Sweetheart

By Carla Waldemar / August 11, 2022

If restaurants were likened to movie plots, dining at Estelle would be like the one where you marry the guy…

Introducing Joe Charley

By E.R Shaffer / August 11, 2022

Lately, as an artist, I have been struggling a lot. In a world that feels increasingly unsafe and unstable, what…

Pride Journey: Charleston, SC

By Joey Amato / August 11, 2022

I am a huge lover of history and usually jump at the chance to visit any historic sites when I…

What Happened To Our Nightlife?

By Randy Stern / August 11, 2022

Remember these lyrics… I love the nightlifeI got to boogieOn the disco ’round…* That Alicia Bridges track from 1978 was…

Personal Pronouns Change the World One They at a Time

By Terrance Griep / August 11, 2022

Bimbo.  Lilith.  Sojourner.  Sisters.       These were titles considered and rejected for the publication that debuted in January 1972…

Connecting Scattered Dots

By E.B. Boatner / August 11, 2022

Dad and I enjoyed our evening walks, pausing to scan the skies he’d point out to me various star pictures–“constellations,”…

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