Issue 708

Alma Welcomes Spring

By Carla Waldemar / July 14, 2022

Restaurant Alma’s menu changes with the seasons….but that’s about all that does. For over 20 years in its storefront location…

From the Editor: The Promise of Minnesota

By Randy Stern / July 14, 2022

On August 31, 2004, I arrived at the former Amtrak Station in St. Paul to become a Minnesotan. This, after…

Making a Splash: Minnesota Ice Swim Club

By Isaac Johnson / July 14, 2022

“Persistence pays,” says Josh Tomashek, one of the coaches of the Minnesota Ice Swim Club. He and his fellow coach…

Pooling Around – Splashy Men’s Swim Styles for Spring and Summer

By Mikey Rox / July 14, 2022

Slap some style where the sun don’t shine – if clothing is mandatory, that is – in our broad spectrum…

His Online Line – Shod Santiago Turns Digital Fame Into Fortune

By Terrance Griep / July 14, 2022

“I’m just here to get my coins and leave,” Shod Santiago proclaims, and, sure, he’s LMAO-ing as he proclaims it, but he’s also…

Bad Gay: Episode 2

By Lakey Bridge / July 14, 2022

Let me tell you what sex is like for a post-menopausal woman: it ain’t nothin’ to write home about. Yes,…

Fiercely Independent: Nina Luna

By Ashley Berning / July 14, 2022

Nina Luna is a Minnesota native who has been writing music since she was young. Her mom was a huge…

The MN Arboretum: A Year-Round Natural Wonderland

By Conlan Carter / July 14, 2022

Boasting a whopping 1200 acres of curated landscapes, bike trails, gardens, classes, art and history exhibits, and more, the Minnesota…

A Word In Edgewise: Jane Austen 2022: Screwball Comedy Meets Regency Wry 

By E.B. Boatner / July 14, 2022

After an elephantine gestation period, Emma burst forth in rapturous, full-bore, post- partum-elation on the Guthrie’s Wurtle Full-Thrust Stage. Scheduled to debut…

Beautify your July with a trip to the Loring Park Art Festival

By Elise Marin / July 14, 2022

Mark your calendars for the weekend of July 30th-31st to savor the arts and our beloved Minneapolis parks at the…

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