Issue 692

Minnesota Pride Rotary Club – An Update On a Classic

By Lavender / December 2, 2021

The first thing I notice when I walk into Leif Hagen’s office at Achievement Financial was the collection of paintings…

Our Rides: Ferrari Comes To The Twin Cities

By Randy Stern / December 2, 2021

Did you know that there is now a Ferrari dealership in the Twin Cities? You may have noticed off of…

North of Normal, South of Strange

By Carla Waldemar / December 2, 2021

You saw the movie.  But the cult film Fargo wasn’t actually filmed in Fargo, so head on over to discover what-all the Coen…

Roya Moltaji Helps Seniors Keep Their Golden Years Shining Bright

By Linda Raines / December 2, 2021

Once upon a time, retirement planning typically consisted of working for a single company for your entire career, a gold…

Relaxing and Rewilding in Ironwood, MI

By Andrew Stark / December 2, 2021

Yoop·er (n): A native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is an umbrella term that can also…

“Scarlet Letters” – According to Dan Savage’s New Book, Sex Advice Is as Easy as A, B, C

By Terrance Griep / December 2, 2021

Some indulge in lilies, some exult in pearls—and sure, most serve cake, ideally a tall cake slathered in sweet frosting—but…

Coming Soon: Your 2021 Taxes – Be Prepared!

By E.B. Boatner / December 2, 2021

By E. B. Boatner with ROR Tax Professionals’ Larry Murphy, Enrolled Agent, and Mike Cassidy, Partner and Income Tax Specialist …

From the Editor: On Mortality and Borrowed Time

By Andrew Stark / December 2, 2021

The other night, in Uptown, I parked my car, ran across the street (northbound traffic was at a standstill; I…

Nancy Walker & The Nancy Walker Team – Realtors Who Care

By Isaac Johnson / December 2, 2021

A familiar face from the pages of Lavender is Nancy Walker. The leader of The Nancy Walker Team at Coldwell Banker Realty…

A Word In Edgewise: We’re All in It for the Long (or Short) Haul

By E.B. Boatner / December 2, 2021

Through the eons, through a system of interdependencies and networks, life on earth has proceeded to evolve with occasional blips…

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