Issue 664

The 2020 MCAD Art Sale

By Ryan Patchin / November 5, 2020

Photos courtesy of MCAD More than two decades ago, MCAD started a tradition that puts their student talent in the…

Lots and Lots of Lumber

By Kassidy Tarala / November 5, 2020

Photo courtesy of BigStock/ijeab Siwek Lumber is ready to help with any of your winter projects, from furniture making to…

At Home: Floor to Ceiling Pandemic-Time Projects

By Holly Peterson / November 5, 2020

Photos courtesy of Creative Lighting Fall has always been a season of preparation and homemaking. Way back when, that meant…

Serve Our Society: MN ADOPT

By Mike Marcotte / November 5, 2020

Photos courtesy of MN ADOPT The ‘gateway to adoption and foster care in Minnesota’ celebrates 40 years November is National…

Pride Journey: Monterey, California

By Joey Amato / November 5, 2020

Photo by BigStock/dbvirago For nearly a decade, Monterey has been on my bucket list of United States destinations to visit.…

If You’re a Ma’am, You’re Fam

By Kassidy Tarala / November 5, 2020

Photo by BigStock/Meni Photos Since January 2020, Ma’am has been offering a safe, welcoming community for lesbians forty and older.…

From the Editor: How to Holiday

By Ryan Patchin / November 5, 2020

Okay, so…how are we going to do this? We’re darting our way through the months allocated toward autumn at a…

A Word in Edgewise: The Objects of My Affection

By E.B. Boatner / November 5, 2020

Photo by BigStock/Suriyawut Suriya There’s a photo of me taken on April, 30, 1945, the day Hitler ended it all…

Coming Attractions: The 2020 Tony Awards Go Virtual

By Brett Burger / November 5, 2020

Photo by BigStock/MiaStendal A few months ago we saw one of the first major televised events produced since the COVID…

From A to Zee: This Pope…

By Zaylore Stout / November 5, 2020

I’ll start off this article by stating clearly that I am not Catholic. Given that, I try not to pass…

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