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April Showers Bring Bitch Flowers Reprises

No plans to go out of town because of soaring gas prices? Then, the fourth-annual April Showers Bring Bitch Flowers on May 27 is the place to be! The event stars the ultimate party doll, Bitch Flowers, along with the emcee doll...

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Hope—Not Ho-Hum

As another Pride celebration draws near, one contemplates the consumerism, the crowds, and the assimilation supplanting more rough and rowdy Prides of the past. More communities are celebrating, more GLBT folks and allies, and...

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Lucky Lady Listener Q&A

I really do have the bestest bevy of listeners in all the world of podcasting. From Rehoboth Beach to Reykjavik, Iceland, my lucky lady listeners are the fabulous furnace that keeps my creative fires burning. They send me gifts...

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Contain Yourself

No other type of gardening offers instant gratification in the way a container garden can. It is fun to help guests put winning combinations together at Tangletown Gardens—sending them home with a sure recipe for success, and a...

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Big Gay News

First Openly Gay Justice Confirmed to Massachusetts High Court The Boston Globe reports that veteran appeals court judge Barbara Lenk, who is openly gay, won confirmation to a seat on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court....

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It’s Just Plain Wrong

Same-sex marriage. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Blood donation. Whenever I am confronted with yet another reminder that, as a gay man in the United States, I am, in fact, not treated as an equal member of society by my own government,...

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Redeeming Qualities

I think the Minneapolis Police Department’s gun redemption program is a pretty cool idea. I like the thought of taking Grandpa’s old World War II service revolver (which he used to defend Fort Snelling Cemetery from marauding...

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An Ill Wind with Great Hair

I was awakened this morning by an ill wind. This wind was covered with fur and teeth. This wind has a name: Fredo and Livia. They are my miniature schnauzers, and they are a pair of thugs. They wake me each morning by slapping...

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Ms. Behavior©

Dear Ms. Behavior: My ex-partner, Suzanna, and I, who were together for six years, broke up amicably but sadly a couple of years ago. All was OK between us until she got a new girlfriend, Amber, who was very jealous. I took a...

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