Issue 416

Minnesota AIDS Walk Premieres New Activities

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

With HIV-infection rates on the rise, the Annual Event is more crucial than ever. Thousands will stroll through Minnehaha Park…

Reach Out and Touch Someone

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

Tyler Clementi’s roommate, Dharu Ravi, whose webcam intrusion into Clementi’s private life precipitated his suicide, recently was indicted by a…

Peep Show

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

Don’t you just hate it when you’re planning a birthday party, only to find out someone has gone behind your…

Happy 42nd Birthday, GLBT Minnesota!

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

May 18 marks the 42th anniversary of the founding of Fight Repression of Erotic Expression (FREE), Minnesota’s first gay organization.…

Journey with Pride in the Region

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

With gas prices soaring into the stratosphere, why not plan a few close-to-home trips this summer? A number of Pride…

Big Gay News

By Bradley Traynor / May 5, 2011

US Majority Supports Same-Sex Marriage A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll shows that 51 percent of Americans now believe same-sex…

The Day I Died

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

His grandmother’s voice echoes as pictures devastate a 20-year-old man. I’m 20 years old when I see the pictures that…

Ms. Behavior©

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / May 5, 2011

Dear Ms Behavior: I’m dating a new woman, Jane, who seems dogmatic. A lefty organizer, she believes that politics and…

The Annulment

By Jennifer Parello / May 5, 2011

A couple of strange things happened recently: (1) I was asked to discuss my sex life while buying a new…

Tea Party

By Lavender / May 5, 2011

With the lusty month of May here, it’s the season once again for afternoon garden tea parties. I’m excited to…

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