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“It Gets Better”

Love one another.” It’s a simple, memorable, and easy-to remember phrase uttered, one is told, some 2010 years ago. People need such phrases, even though—like “Love one another”—they can be difficult to follow. “It gets...

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Lavender’s More Fabulous!

With this issue you’re reading—our annual Fab 50—Lavender is more fabulous, too. You’ll notice a number of changes we’ve made with you, our readers and advertisers, in mind. • Lavender now is printed on a higher grade of glossy...

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On the Townsend

Spilling Me Softly: or Once the Gulf Goes Black, It Never Goes Back Through Oct. 30 Brave New Workshop 2605 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls. (612) 332-6620 www.bravenewworkshop.com More inspired by the film Inception than the oil...

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Triangle of Hope Hosts 15th-Anniversary Show

Triangle of Hope (TOH) hosts its 15th-anniversary “Ex-drag-a-ganza” show on November 7, 5 PM, at the Town House bar in St. Paul. Featuring a cavalcade of performers, it’s a fundraiser for Clare Housing. The late Gary Hinze...

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A Passing Glance

Behind every glance, beyond every passing brush, a million memories reside. Each day, we pass by the most enthralling stories in the world: the true lives of other people. Strangers. We spend a great deal of our lives with them....

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Hi-Tech Installations

The modern house can be equipped with an interactive security system, including monitoring and surveillance, which can warn you of a wet floor, a carbon monoxide leak, and high and low temperatures. It’s something straight out...

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Here are two great things about having a stepson: 1. He’s not really yours, so you’re not responsible for how he turns out. 2. You can experiment on him. I recently acquired a stepson, and it’s a lot more fun than I anticipated....

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Pillow Talk

Albert Einstein needed 12 uninterrupted hours of it every single night of his life. Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt got by on only four. Studies indicate the average individual requires eight hours. Naturally, I refer to the...

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