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Hat Off to Jones Incredibly, I wouldn’t say that I’m not a big reader, or very open about what I’m experiencing emotionally, but after reading Justin Jones’s new “Through These Eyes” column [“The Once That Never Was,” Lavender,...

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Coming Out At Work

A Demonstration of Pride Some people have referred to coming out on the job as taking a great leap of faith. I think it’s an exceptional demonstration of both courage and common sense. For many of us, coming out at work is that...

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Patty Keegan

Jakeeno’s Proprietor Relates Her Experience Patty Keegan grew up in a family business that was GLBT-friendly. In 1975, her father, Jack Keegan, opened Jakeeno’s, an Italian restaurant, at 3555 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis....

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Queer As Folks

Rexroad Named Family Equality Council Midwest Regional Senior Manager Melanie Rexroad recently was named Midwest Regional Senior Manager of the Family Equality Council, the nation’s largest organization representing GLBT parents...

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Hanging Together To Hang Us Separately

I’m appalled by the factionalism, hatred, adherence to party, and religious creed at any cost rampant in the country today. Crusades seek to “bring America back to its Christian roots”—when the “roots” were whatever gods the...

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Big Gay News

National News Federal Judge Orders Military To Reinstate Gay Nurse US District Judge Ronald B. Leighton ruled that an Air Force nurse, Reserve Major Margaret Witt, who was discharged under the military’s ban on openly gay...

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Remembering Justin Aaberg

Someone once told a colleague of mine that he stopped listening to my Big Gay News podcast because the stories were always so depressing. I wondered if perhaps he had unrealistic expectations of the word “gay.” Still, I...

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On the Townsend

Sleep Deprivation Chamber Through Oct. 10 Penumbra Theatre 270 N. Kent St., St. Paul (651) 224-3180 www.penumbratheatre.org Urvashi Vaid writes of “virtual equality” as the illusion of equality for queer folks. Playwrights Adam...

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The Page Boy

Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman Seal Press $16.95 A generation ago, author, playwright, and performance artist Kate Bornstein’s groundbreaking Gender Outlaws gave voice to people whose...

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