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Kudos to Bob Jansen I was pleased to see “that old guy,” Bob Jansen, on your August 13 cover. I met Bob in the mid-1980s while living in Duluth. My son had just come out, and Bob was at the forefront of efforts to pass a human...

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HRC Doesn’t Build Local Capacity

In its August 27 issue, Lavender announced that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Joe Solmonese would attend this year’s HRC gala. Sorry, but I can’t get excited about Solmonese’s appearance. Back in the mid-’90s, I was a...

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Fahrenheit 451: A Literary Global Warming

Because the First Amendment gives Florida’s Reverend Terry Jones the right to burn Qur’ans, it should, in the same vein, allow me to refer to him and those of his ilk as “bigoted, hate-filled, publicity-seeking scoundrels.” This...

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Queer As Folks

Hailey Performs with Headliner Uh Huh Her at Duluth-Superior Pride Festival Popular lesbian musician and actress Leisha Hailey performed as part of headliner Uh Huh Her at the Duluth-Superior Pride Festival on September 4 at...

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The St. Paul Grill

Celebrates 20 Years of Superlative Cuisine At first glance, The St. Paul Grill does not seem like an apt choice to feature in a column bearing the name “Off the Eaten Path.” If there were an “eaten path,” this restaurant, after...

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The Mighty Mojito

Olivier Azzopardi of The Sofitel Offers Suggestions The mojito, like any worthy cocktail, has a muddled history, garnished here and there with myth and ne’er-do-wells. Some believe the mojito is relatively young, perhaps...

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