Issue 394

Mystic Lake

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

Offers Superb Dining, Entertainment, Accommodations, and More The recession isn’t a novelty anymore, and I’m just as tired as the…

Stonewall Uprising Is Best Gay Documentary Ever

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

Riveting Recollections of Stonewall Veterans Alive Today Provide Compelling Narration Quite simply, Stonewall Uprising, which runs for one week only,…

On the Townsend

By John Townsend / July 2, 2010

Dollhouse Through July 11 Guthrie Theater 818 S. 2nd St., Mpls. (612) 377-2224 Seldom has a contemporary play drawn…

On the Record

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

Inter-Be Peter Wolf Crier Sometimes, it doesn’t take a whole roomful of musicians to make beguiling music. Local two-piece Peter…

Tea House

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

Offers Most Authentic Szechuan Menu Locally Normally, when old-world cuisine arrives at a new-world kitchen, something is lost in translation.…

Ms. Behavior©: Quiet Homos Upstairs

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / July 2, 2010

Dear Ms Behavior: We live year-round in a vacation community, where we rent a house from a couple of very…

Tattoo You

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

A good friend of mine, who is (and I’m being generous here) on the dark side of her fourth decade,…

Writes of Passage

By Lavender / July 2, 2010

Among my most vivid memories from high school is a documentary about tribal life. In a test of manhood, boys…

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