Issue 379

My Old Kentucky Hometowns

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

Kentucky’s not about the fast lane (unless you’re there on Derby Day). Its gems, both manmade and engineered by nature,…

Evolution of Love

By Jennifer Parello / December 3, 2009

I was at home sick last week, which gave me lots of time to catch up on daytime TV. One…

Flaming Trolls of the Internet!

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

You’re walking down the street. A stranger stops you, and asks, “What does it mean to be gay?” How do…

Ms. Behavior®: Confused

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / December 3, 2009

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’ve seen my new boyfriend, Elliot, go through some difficult times, mainly because of problems with drug…

New Home Store Realty

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

The Internet originally was developed for the use of the United States military, but since it went public in the…

Paring Down Pairings of Wine and Food

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

Bob Andrzejek, a longtime Wine Consultant with Surdyk’s, probably has seen more than his fair share of panic. After all,…

Men in Black

By Lavender / November 19, 2009

STYLEDLIFE® founder Kevin Quinn and New York-based couture designer Zang Toi have been close friends for 20 years. They met…

The Fall Collection

By Lavender / November 19, 2009

Toi’s adoration for fur and appreciation for Loro Piana cashmere is evident in his fall ’09 collection. Despite his luxurious…

Around the World for Inspiration

By Lavender / November 19, 2009

Zang Toi and Kevin Quinn, who goes by KQ, both find themselves jumping into cabs, boarding planes or even, on…

Trip Down Memory Lane

By Lavender / November 19, 2009

These two fashion industry veterans have triumphed through ’80s excess, survived ’90s grunge, and have weathered the current recession. Toi…

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