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De Rigueur Stands Above the Crowd

One of the newest fashion stops is up-and-coming De Rigueur (a French term meaning “necessary protocol or fashion”). Started by two local self-certified trendsetters, Kaitlyn Julius and Brandon McCray, it already has snagged a...

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The Affair Entertains More Than Ideas

Combining the creative forces of The Sample Circuit and The Twin Cities Chocolate Extravaganza, The Affair was born. A two-day, 365-degree view of all things home entertaining-related, it has become the most comprehensive such...

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Queer as Folks

Bingo A-Go-Go Goes Biker For the 23rd Bingo A-Go-Go on October 10, Clare Housing and Park House are joining forces to help raise funds for HIV/AIDS organizations. Started seven years ago with the help of Miss Richfield 1981,...

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Much Ado About Nothing

Labor Day Weekend 2009 I’d heard it was the Gay Agenda to co-opt the nation’s innocent children, but now heard the villain is President Barack Obama, who intended to Pied-Piper our kids away into some little blue schoolhouse,...

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Pairing Desserts and Wines

Whether you are notorious for your sweet tooth; have a slight love affair with wine; or even better yet, have both—if you haven’t visited Wilde Roast Café lately, it’s about time. While it offers a variety of satisfying lunch...

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Dancing Ganesha

Now that many of Uptown’s Indian Restaurants have vanished, I was beyond grateful to hear good things about the fare at Dancing Ganesha. If any restaurant deserves to succeed, it is this one. With a top-notch contemporary and...

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Winterize Your Vehicle: A Checklist

You probably have noticed something askew in the air around you lately. The winds have an extra amount of bite and vigor; the temperatures, once comfortably sitting in the 80s, have begun to crouch in the 50s and 60s; and the...

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Big Gay America with Bradley Traynor

Producing Big Gay News for the last couple years has been a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. I’ve learned a great deal about the diversity of issues facing our community, as well as how the mainstream...

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