Issue 370

Bartender Spotlight

By George Holdgrafer / July 31, 2009

Who Trover

A Masseur Tells All

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Massage and bodywork can be—pardon the pun—touchy subjects. Considering the hang-ups, expectations, and fantasies many people in our society have…

Fabulous Renovation of Happy Hour at Gay 90’s Is Complete: Oldest Part of Megabar Is Now the Newest

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

The Happy Hour bar, which debuted in 1957, is the oldest part of the Gay 90’s megabar. Now, with the…

Imperial Court of Minnesota Coronation XVIII Organization Heads in New Direction

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Although it’s primarily a fund-raising organization bringing in thousands of dollars annually for local charities, the Imperial Court of Minnesota…

Chippewa Valley Pride Eau Claire Is Closest Gay Getaway from Twin Cities

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

This year, the LGBT Community Center of the Chippewa Valley, in conjunction with Scooter’s bar, is hosting Chippewa Valley Pride…

Fat: Friend or Foe?

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Healthy fats? What is that all about?

Out in the Stars

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Horoscope for July 31-Aug. 13 Welcome the dog days of August, as our personal planets move into new signs and…

Former Fatty

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’m a 41-year-old gay man who used to weigh nearly 400 pounds—not an easy way to live…

Grilling the Men

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

Several people have recently gone out of their way to inform me that they don’t appreciate what they perceive to…

The Sample Room

By Lavender / July 31, 2009

I had heard good things about The Sample Room, but quite frankly, the reaction I got when I told my…

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