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Out in the Stars

Horoscope for Mar. 13-26 Mars slides into Pisces this period, as we float on the mellowness, and cruise on the vibes. Let your intuition be your spiritual guide. It is time to plot your course, and swim to success. ARIES (MARCH...

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Endangered in the Outfield

We were standing outside the State Capitol at a rally for an endangered insect, when Greta turned to me, and made a shocking announcement. “I’m signing us up for a softball team,” she said poisonously, making every syllable...

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Historical Personalities Do Stand-up Comedy

I recently offered my services to write some political comedy material for our new President to use in his speeches. Some might find this unusual, but the fact is, many politicians, except that last laugh-riot President, have...

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Onward Style

If I Could Turn Back Time Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers Having trouble adjusting to the hour switch that Daylight Savings Time throws in our face every year? What a perfect excuse to buy a new, fabulous watch...

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Isn’t Fashion Fun

Fashion Themes for Spring | Summer ’09 Greetings from STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts® at styledlook®, inc., and welcome to our latest installment of Isn’t Fashion Fun. Spring is almost here… which means...

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Anomalous Stature

What’s dubbed insanity in the working classes is thought no more than minor eccentricity among society’s elite. However, it sometimes does one good to dabble in the fashion pathos of the uber rich. They don’t care if their...

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