Issue 351

Q Puzzle: “Newman’s Men”

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

Across 1 Bessie of the blues 6 Mary had a little one 10 Straight, in a bar 14 Father, to…


By Lavender / November 6, 2008

Campbell Spears Spear Again For the historical record, Lavender might like to note that Senator Allan Spear’s 1974 coming out…

Bear Essentials: A Local History

By Randy Stern / November 6, 2008

About 15 years ago, the bear community began to join together formally in the Twin Cities. Two groups were established…

Bartender Spotlight

By George Holdgrafer / November 6, 2008

Who: Craig

Thursdays Rock at the Town House

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

Every Thursday night, the Town House bar in St. Paul hosts a cornucopia of the best entertainment anywhere. Plus, it’s…

PrideAlive Hosts 10th Anniversary Bash

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

PrideAlive is producing a keepsake that will be distributed at the 10th Anniversary Bash—a yearbook with write-ups about every activity…

Salut Bar Americain

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

I confess. It wasn’t my first time at Salut Bar Americain on Grand Avenue in St. Paul since it opened…

Giving Them The Bird

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

Home & Yard Blvd. Section It’s High Noon on Thanksgiving, and the house is a disaster. Instead of finely crafted…

Making the Holidays Yourself

By Lavender / November 6, 2008

Home & Yard Blvd. Section Maybe finances are tight this holiday season. Perhaps you want to put a personal touch…

By Bradley Traynor / November 6, 2008

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