Issue 345

Editorial Cartoon

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

Blaming the “Other Side”: Conservative Versus Liberal Is Counterproductive

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

With the political season well under way, yet so far from being complete, the lines are being drawn. This year,…

My Girlfriend Did It: Casa De Esperanza Lesbian Domestic Violence Film Is Still Relevant

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

My Girlfriend Did It, directed by Dawn West, homes in on the problem of physical, mental, and sexual abuse—also known…

On the Townsend: Republican National Convention Edition

By John Townsend / August 14, 2008

Laughing Liberally Aug. 23, 8 PM Ordway Center for the Performing Arts 345 Washington St., St. Paul (651) 224-4222…

Yankee Doodle: Ordway Show Reprises Classic Cohan Tunes

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

Anyone who claims to be a true lover of musical theater and music history must make the pilgrimage—a highly entertaining…

The Page Boy

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

Are You Guys Brothers? Brian McNaught Author House $15.95 Brian McNaught shares his 32-year-relationship with partner Ray Struble, with its…

Leather Contests and Titles: Every Color of the Rainbow

By Steve Lenius / August 14, 2008

In the world of leather contests and titles, International Mr. Leather (IML) is the most well known, and, having just…

Babalu: Authentic Latin Caribbean Cuisine Without the Sand

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

It was an amazingly hot day—typical for Minnesota at the end of July. It reminded me of Isla Mujeres, Mexico,…

Closer than a Brother

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

An ongoing hot-button issue is the treatment of lab animals used in research, particularly chimpanzees and the other great apes—and…

The Birth of a Gaytion

By Lavender / August 14, 2008

It’s the first thing you ask about on the road: “Excuse me,” you might inquire, “but where is the Gayborhood?”…

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