Issue 340

Pride Awards

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

The Twin Cities is not only a fine place to live during the summer months, but also a great place…

Celebrity Portrait Artist Anthony R. Whelihan “There’s No Place Like Home”

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

From the moment you cross the threshold of the Home Studio of Celebrity Portrait Artist Anthony R. Whelihan, you get…

The “Transational” Dr. Marci Bowers

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

A polite round of applause, and she takes the stage. Adjusting her glasses, and buttoning the microphone to her blouse,…

Bisexuality and the Space Between Binary Categories

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

Robyn Ochs is a major educator, activist, and advocate for bisexual issues. Editor of The Bisexual Research Guide and of…

Open Arms of Minnesota: Investing In Your Community

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

Open Arms of Minnesota started small in 1986. In fact, its first delivery was to only five men battling HIV/AIDS.…

The Aliveness Project

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

It dished out more than 31,000 meals, handed out more than 41 tons of food from its Food Shelf, and…

Children with Intersex Conditions: An Interview with Anne Tamar-Mattis

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

Children born with variations of sex anatomy historically have been labeled as freaks and hermaphrodites by the medical profession. Genitoplasy,…

Clare Housing

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

Clare Housing is one of many priceless organizations in the Twin Cities that serves people living with HIV/AIDS. Its mission…

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and AIDS: A Memoir

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

In 1991, Andrew, my gay significant other, died of AIDS. We met in 1977. During those 14 years, we lived…

Rainbow Families

By Lavender / June 5, 2008

For more than 10 years, local Rainbow Families has served as a steady resource and advocate for GLBT families in…

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