Issue 339

By Bradley Traynor / May 23, 2008

National & World News

It Takes a Felon To Raise an Army

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

The armed forces use “moral waivers” to let convicted felons in, while using morality to throw gays and lesbians out.…

Jane Rule

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Though best-known for her novel Desert of the Heart, lesbian author Jane Rule also is widely admired as a longtime…

Passing: Dean Hardy

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Dean Hardy, 50, of South Minneapolis, died April 27. He is survived by his daughter, Brianna; grandson, Devin; parents, Jerry…

Rent A Landmark in Queer History

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

As Pride Season swings into motion, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts offers a marvelous way to celebrate and remember…

Ann Bancroft Explores the World of Giving

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

From camping in the backyard at age 8 to camping in the North Pole less than 25 years later, Ann…

Bohemian Cirko Comes To Town: Because We Care Hosts HIV/AIDS Benefit Show

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Picture yourself, pink fluffy cloud of cotton candy in hand, strolling along a bustling carnival midway. All around you, sideshow…

A Smart Move: Good Stuff Moving Company

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Home & Yard Blvd. Section Heavy lifting really doesn’t look good on me. The thought of baggy sweatpants and paint-stained…

Ms. Behavior®

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / May 23, 2008

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’ve been dating Mary for a few weeks, and am smitten. We’ve made out a few times,…

Lesbian 101: Fish Out of Water

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

I’m writing this while propped up in bed in a Sheraton in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I’ve been here for the past…

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