Issue 339

Spain’s Historic Cities: Toledo and Segovia

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

The reign in Spain stayed mainly in the hills. The sizzle of flamenco, the flash of toreadors are absent in…

Sex Talk: First Dates

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Do you screw on a first date? Says one fellow in his mid-20s, “I know there are a lot of…

Home & Yard: Trends to watch for!

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Home & Yard Blvd. SectionEco-Friendly Paints: Low-VOCEveryone knows that a fresh coat of paint can turn a dull room into…


By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Judging Jackson While it was refreshing to see Oryon emerge as a “genuine person of depth and substance” [Chris Jackson,…

Queer As Folks

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Our Community Our Business Our Pride An inspirational story of how proud people—and proud businesses—build community.Named Instinct Magazine’s “Leading Man”…

Jennifer Taylor at Innuendo

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

On June 4, singer-songwriter-musician Jennifer Taylor will perform at Innuendo in St. Paul. Her acoustic, modern rock sound has been…

An Interview with Joanne Gaddy

By Steve Lenius / May 23, 2008

Joanne Gaddy has been a visible member of Chicago’s leather community for many years. She served as Mistress of International…

The Page Boy

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits, 1905–1920 Peter Mesenhöller Aperture $40 In these days of disagreement over the question of…

Eatable Jewelry Patrick’s Bakery and Café

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

It was the perfect morning to turn up at Bachman’s Floral Home and Garden to visit Patrick’s Bakery and Café…

The King of New York: An Interview with Michael Patrick King, Sex and the City’s Male Mastermind

By Lavender / May 23, 2008

Michael Patrick King was one of the original creators of the series Sex and the City. He and Darren Star…

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