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Sex Talk: First Dates

Do you screw on a first date? Says one fellow in his mid-20s, “I know there are a lot of men out there who just want to hook up and get off, but I’m not one of them. Sorry, I can’t leap into bed with someone five minutes after I...

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Home & Yard: Trends to watch for!

Home & Yard Blvd. SectionEco-Friendly Paints: Low-VOCEveryone knows that a fresh coat of paint can turn a dull room into a vibrant, lively center of any home. But paint has never had a good reputation for smell or its...

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Judging Jackson While it was refreshing to see Oryon emerge as a “genuine person of depth and substance” [Chris Jackson, “Oryon Goes Nova,” Lavender, May 9], what I found a bit disturbing about this article was the fact that the...

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Queer As Folks

Our Community Our Business Our Pride An inspirational story of how proud people—and proud businesses—build community.Named Instinct Magazine’s “Leading Man” in 2007, Kyle Kim has been working at Microsoft as Director of Family...

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Jennifer Taylor at Innuendo

On June 4, singer-songwriter-musician Jennifer Taylor will perform at Innuendo in St. Paul. Her acoustic, modern rock sound has been heard at a variety of venues for the past eight years. A solo artist, she is versatile in her...

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An Interview with Joanne Gaddy

Joanne Gaddy has been a visible member of Chicago’s leather community for many years. She served as Mistress of International Mr. Leather (IML) for about 10 years. She founded The Slater Society, a pansexual fisting group. Gaddy...

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The Page Boy

Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits, 1905–1920 Peter Mesenhöller Aperture $40 In these days of disagreement over the question of immigration—who to be allowed in, and who kept out—Ellis Island Portraits is a compelling...

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Eatable Jewelry Patrick’s Bakery and Café

It was the perfect morning to turn up at Bachman’s Floral Home and Garden to visit Patrick’s Bakery and Café in the greenhouse. A spring day, temperatures were in the 60s, and thousands of flowers were in bloom throughout the...

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