Issue 338

Passing: Robert Burtino

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

I first met Bob and Marlene Bertino two decades ago, not long after they had founded Fantasy Gifts in 1980.…

By Bradley Traynor / May 9, 2008

National & World News

Tawnja’s Treasures

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

On the Runway Section My fellow Minnesotans, Winter 2007 has surrendered, and Spring 2008 is within our grasp. Good-bye, black…

Ivy Spa Club

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

The life of a freelance writer is seldom glamorous. If our political leaders and CEOs can be compared to lions,…

Red Ribbon Ride Reprises

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

The sixth annual Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride, July 17-20, is off to a great start. The four-day, almost-300-mile bike ride—from…

Queer Culture at the U

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

Has all this negative attention had a chilling affect for Kinky U? Quite the opposite. What’s one of oldest GLBT…

Gay Athlete or Jock Fantasy?

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

I’ve noticed that gay men have this habit of making things hypersexual. I only seem to notice this in gay…

Muscle Boys and the Gym

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

For some gay men, the gym is a place of terror. For others, it’s a home away from home. For…

Love Makes a (Manic) Family

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

A local University GLBT center, university media center, and photographer collaborated to create a regional model of Love Makes a…

À la Maude

By Lavender / May 9, 2008

An initial glance at Café Maude’s menu suggests French fusion. Baked escargot, a selection of cheeses, and certainly the pan-roasted…

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