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Sex Talk: Spankings

When it comes to SM, many guys will swear that nothing beats a good, old-fashioned spanking. Plenty of pain-play just plain hurts, which delights many a masochist. But since the butt’s a major erogenous zone, spanking walks a...

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The Denim Scene

On the Runway Section Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers From skinny styles and dark washes to hippie flares and destroyed details, there are more options than ever for denim lovers this season! Check out the...

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On the Record

Accelerate R.E.M. I have greeted the last half-dozen R.E.M. albums or so with an “er—OK.” But Accelerate sounds like the real deal. The band not only rocks harder than they have in more than a decade, but also the songs have the...

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On the Townsend

The Ballad of Josef K. Through May 18 Illusion Theater 528 Hennepin Ave., Mpls. (612) 339-4944 www.illusiontheater.org Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theatre plays the Illusion with a bizarre take on Franz Kafka’s The Trial dubbed...

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Cloutier & Brandl

Regardless of the media attention devoted to high-profile court cases, and the entertainment industry’s love affair with smart, ethical attorneys, it seems lawyers don’t enjoy the same popular respect that, say, teachers or...

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Lesbian 101: On Straight Women

Readers, I’ve just done something that I rarely do before writing a column. I cracked open a beer. That’s right, readers. I write these columns totally sober. This probably comes as a surprise to regular readers. (Are there...

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