Issue 334

Just in the Nick (and Eddie) of Time

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

I may have seen entrées presented like a game of Jenga, but in the Twin Cities, I have not yet…

Diversions Opening in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

Diversions, a new GLBT bar in Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin, debuts March 28. A Grand Opening Extravaganza takes place April…

Self-Made Leather

By Steve Lenius / March 13, 2008

When I tell people I’m a leather columnist, many often assume I write about those cute little wallets they once…

A Word in Edgewise

By E.B. Boatner / March 13, 2008

Some situations defy an easy solution—at least in a democratic, equal-before-the law society. Take, for example the AP story filed…

Queer As Folks

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

Naked and Singing Join Lavender and Wilde Roast Café for a night Out at the Movies. On April 10, The…

The Impact of Minnesota’s Discriminatory Laws Only Is Amplified During Economic Uncertainty

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

Just about every Minnesota family is feeling the uncertainty of today’s economy. Unemployment rose throughout the state late last year,…

Three Decades, Four Generations of the Blooms at the Gay 90’s

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

At 28-and-a-half years, they hold the longevity record for owning a gay bar in the Twin Cities. For nearly three…

Frankie Camp for Jersey Boys

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

“Usually, after a show, I’m so exhausted that I devour a steak or something like that to replenish all the…

The Secret Is Out, One Voice Mixed Chorus Sings

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

“For whatever reason, One Voice Mixed Chorus has been the best-kept secret in the Twin Cities,” member Jen Rivera says.…

Meth Addiction, Gay Sex, and Music

By Lavender / March 13, 2008

The new Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (TCGMC) commission is one of its edgiest ever. Through a Glass, Darkly, composed…

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