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Change Family History Make a New Future

For many people, a family is what they choose to make of it. For some, that means a close-knit collection of relatives; for others, it’s a group of friends who are always there when needed. But in reality, the family has almost...

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Our Continuing Crystal Meth Mess

For some time, I’ve wanted to say something in this column about the use of crystal meth in the leather and gay male communities. No, I’ve never used it, but I’m still affected by it. Crystal meth affects all of us, users and...

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Making Choices

The life of a political pundit isn’t easy. The other night, I was at a “mixed” dinner party. My partner and I were the only lesbians. All the others were straight married couples. They wanted my take on the upcoming presidential...

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On the Townsend

Blue Door Through Jan. 27 Guthrie Theater 818 S. 2nd St., Mpls. (612) 377-2224 www.guthrietheater.org It’s painful to be a member of a minority, period. Your personal need to feel included is primary, while cultural signals that...

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On The Record

Another year, another look back. 2007 was a transitional year for the music business, as the reality of the new economic situation (in a nutshell: unless things change fast, the mainstream record companies are sunk) and a dearth...

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Cuisine in the Clouds

As my partner, Chad, and I guided our culinary vacation troupe up a 900-foot, narrow, suspended, cement walkway, it felt as if we were leaving the real world. Our destination, Civita di Bagnoregio (in the Lazio region of Italy,...

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