Issue 328

The Love Tangle A Dateland Mystery Part Four

By Jennifer Parello / December 21, 2007

<For the first three installments of this Dateland Mystery, go to>. I first met Ellen at a charity event.…

Spirited Christmas

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

“Julllie Dafyddddd!” Huh…what? I was awakened from a sound sleep. It was Christmas Eve, and my clock radio said 11:59…

515 Reasons the Debate is Changing

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

Minnesota Statute § 256.25 allows the state to seek reimbursement from the estate of a person who received old-age assistance…

Queer As Folks

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

Community members gathered November 20 at Spirit of the Lakes Church in Minneapolis for the Ninth Annual Transgender Day of…


By Lavender / December 21, 2007

Agel Executive Manager Troy Ziesmer says, “Take a pill, and put it in a jar of apple cider vinegar—which has…

By Bradley Traynor / December 21, 2007

Man Punched Over “Homosexual Display” Allen R. King, 45, of Buffalo, New York, has been charged with assault after allegedly…

University of Minnesota Dorm Goes Lavender

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

One of the key advantages of the framework of a large university is the ability to do almost anything. When…

Vigil for Solidarity Protests New Archbishop

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

“Those who actively encourage or promote homosexual acts or such activity within a homosexual lifestyle formally cooperate in a grave…

Family of the Year The Reitans

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

In times of crisis and in times of joy, a family comes together and rises like a phoenix, overcoming its…

Filmmaker Valarie Kaur, America Divided, But Not Lost

By Lavender / December 21, 2007

Every generation is defined by an event—a point in history that is remembered forever. Some events are positive, changing the…

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