Issue 327

Dean Eichaker

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

A realtor is many things: an investment analyst, a sales dynamo, and an expert in government deals and how to…

GLAAD To Tackle Sports

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

The US sports industry is twice as big as the American automobile industry, and 10 times larger than the movie…

Minnesota Gay and Lesbian Couples

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

“Don and I live on a three-block street in Edina, and we have a ball,” Paul, a management consultant with…

Out in the Stars

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

 Horoscope for Dec 7-20 Keep your thoughts and opinions under wraps this period, lest they take you on a joy…

Queer As Folks

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

U of M Transgender Commission Spreads the Word The University of Minnesota Transgender Commission hosted its second annual Open House…

How’s Your GLBTPCIQ?

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

How’s your GLBT political consumer IQ? Take a look at these competitors, and pick which of each pair is the…

A Sparkling Minnesota

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

If you don’t feel like leaving the heat-blasted comfort of your home, cozying up next to a fire with a…

Silent No More

By Lavender / December 5, 2007

For more than 50 years, I have endured every conceivable slander, ridicule, condemnation, and insult because, among other things, I…


By Lavender / December 4, 2007

Bellaria Bakery & Chocolatier: An Interview with Larissa LeMay

By Lavender / December 4, 2007

During this holiday season, visions of sugarplums were dancing in my head, so I was ecstatic to hear that Larissa…

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