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Acanthus Floral Art is known for unique, artistic designs and for consciously reflecting the personality and style of the couple in their wedding flowers.

“I’ve worked metal chains into a bouquet for a roller derby wedding, designed bouquets with fresh food for two chefs marrying each other, and I’ve even designed and built a self-contained water fountain coming out of a giant cascade of flowers,” Acanthus Owner Jodi Irwin proclaims  I love when couples want to get creative and do something different, that’s why I use the term Floral Art.” 

This year, with the global pandemic all but hijacking wedding season, Acanthus has seen their share of shuffling.

“Many people were planning 2020 weddings. In fact, weddings were up significantly from 2019. Once we began this more cautious and less social way of living with COVID, some rescheduled their wedding dates in 2021, some are waiting until next year to set a new date, and some went through with a very small ceremony, but are postponing their reception to next year.” 

No two weddings are alike, and planning for floral art requires a unique planning and selection process.  

“There is a wedding consultation form on my website. The first step is to fill that out, then we meet to talk through ideas, look at pictures, and get more specific. Of course I prefer as much notice as possible, especially if it’s a bigger wedding, but I can usually accommodate smaller wedding orders with less lead time.” 

As we head into the fall/winter season, Jodi recommends that people “get creative! Choose vibrant, non traditional color schemes. Try blue, brown and lavender instead of red, gold, and orange for autumn, for example. Or my personal favorite: soft orange, blue, and white. For winter, consider one or two bold colors rather than muted colors—like winter itself. 

Even before COVID-19 had us in lockdown, testing the strength of marriages around the planet, divorce was on the rise. I asked Jodi if she had an arrangement for that:

“My daughter had a “divorcé soirée” and it was great fun. I think it’s a perfect way to have fun with flowers (imagine the themes!) and turn a traditionally somber event into a celebration, so absolutely!” 

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