Venus DeMars Doc at Gender Reel Fest Looks at Issues of Art, Taxes, and Transgender Identity



The Gender Reel Fest at the Minnehaha Free Space is a treasure trove of gender-nonconforming film finds from the US and abroad. One sure bet is Teri Homan’s new documentary about glam musician, poet, filmmaker, actor, and visual artist, Venus DeMars, whose varied and remarkable artistic work has been covered for decades by mainstream and alternative media. It’s titled A Condition of the Soul: Venus Demars. Recently the MN Department of Revenue has audited Venus and her wife Lynnette and has rendered the official verdict that she is in fact, not an artist but rather, a hobbyist. Therefore, because she used business expenses as deductions, she owes back taxes.

Filmmaker Teri Homan shares “I made this film because a friend, Roxanne Anderson, told me what was happening with Venus, with regard to the audit. She also told me about the Gender Reel Festival and said, “Someone needs to make a film about this situation and Venus.” Even though Venus, on the advice of her attorney did not comment on camera about the audit, the information is there and the portrait of her as an artist shines through brightly.”


Homan adds “I made this film for the Gender Reel Festival because I believe in the festival and its importance, and I also believe in Venus as an artist and as a transperson.”

Gender Reel Fest
Through Sept. 19 – 21
Minnehaha Free Space, 3747 Minnehaha Av., Mpls.

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