Living Life Out On The ‘Edge’


The Celebrity Edge is Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, which began service in December 2018.

The rooms are claustrophobic.

You have to sit with the random people at dinner.

There is not enough to do.

When I asked people on Instagram and Twitter their reservations as to why they haven’t taken a cruise, responses flooded in. But these folks have not experienced what the Celebrity Edge has to offer.

I had the honor of traveling on the Edge—Celebrity Cruises’ newest and most technologically-advanced ship—off the shores of Florida in November. The ship will spend its inaugural winter in the Caribbean and will travel the summer of 2019 traveling from Rome to Barcelona.

Once aboard, I immediately noticed the extra space in my infinite veranda stateroom (bedroom). 99 percent of beds on the Celebrity Edge are king-sized, but the rooms are designed so you do not feel cramped.

Quite a view to wake up to.

The indoor balconies in staterooms aboard the Edge are a delightful bonus. They are designed so there is no wall between the veranda and the room itself, so it helps elongate the space. Pro tip: always book a stateroom with a veranda. Sleeping with the window open and hearing the sound of the ocean waves is worth the cost.

There was ample closet and storage space in my stateroom, allowing us to unpack two very full suitcases. That’s one of my favorite parts about taking a cruise: your closet travels with you.

Technology on the Edge is apparent everywhere, especially in the staterooms. The balcony windows are electronically operated by a master control inside the room. That same panel will let you set the temperature and will adjust lights to morning, evening, movie and sleep settings. The Celebrity Edge comes with a companion phone app, allowing you to open your room and control settings no matter where you are on the ship.

If you still believe rooms on cruise ships are tiny, stay in an Edge Villa, a two-story luxury residence which is a first-of-a-kind in the Celebrity fleet. The 950 square-foot residence can comfortably sleep four. You also get access to a private sundeck, dining room and lounge. Or consider the 2,500 square-foot Iconic Suite, which is nestled above the bridge of the ship.

Live comfortably in an stateroom with plenty of storage space.

Like the entire fleet of Celebrity ships, the Edge offers great dining options. The Oceanview Cafe on Deck 14 is open 24 hours a day and received a beautiful, modern remodel. Make sure to sample the Indian Foods.

Passengers on the Edge actually have the choice from four complimentary restaurants, serving up nods to French, Italian and Greek cuisine. That’s in addition to the specialty restaurants aboard.

Gone are the days of being stuck with a 5:30 daily dinner time with random people you don’t know. When booking with Celebrity, you have the option to dine when you wish. While you are at sea, you can call to book a reservation—just like you would at a restaurant in town—and sit with whoever you want. If you travel with a group that splits off during the day, knowing that you will all reunite for dinner at 7:30 can be a really good thing.

The Celebrity Edge’s wine selection is just as impressive as the food created by its Michelin-starred chef. The Edge carries 500 varietals of vino, and Celebrity has more Wine Spectator Awards than any other cruise line in the world.

A hot tub with views of the pool below and surrounded by ocean. A great way to vacation!

Looking at the ship overall, what I felt Celebrity did best with designing the Edge was how they utilized common spaces. Not a single area was wasted, which in turn provides passengers more opportunities to gather and share laughs over cocktails, soak in a hot tub overlooking ocean waters, or take in a show at the theater.

From Eden, the Edge’s newest lounge-entertainment hybrid, to the casino, to the spa, to the dance club, there is plenty to do, day or night. And you can’t forget about the dozens of activities planned each day by Celebrity staff. Pro tip: if you are on a Celebrity cruise with a ‘silent disco’ happening, you must attend.

Celebrity is a strong supporter of the GLBT community and it’s evident in the programming they offer on board. While cruising on Celebrity, I have attended GLBT meet-ups (typically on the first night of the cruise), where you can meet other passengers. And if you’re looking for specific activities or ways to connect, don’t be afraid to ask! Cruise and Activities Directors will add in events based on demand. Celebrity’s work is well recognized. named them as the best GLBT-friendly cruise line for 2018.

Celebrity did a fantastic job planning common areas on the Edge, making sure every space was functional, yet gorgeous. The Grand Foyer is a prime example.

There is a unparalleled level of class across Celebrity’s entire fleet. My voyage on the Edge was my fourth cruise aboard a Celebrity ship, and every time I go, I meet the best people and experience the finest service. You won’t find hairy chest contests planned on the daily schedule. While aboard the Edge, someone said to me that you can’t define class; you have to experience it. So go explore the world with class!

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