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Founder André Leavitt shares the background of travel company Time Travels, Inc. and helpful tips for seniors looking to travel.

Time travel; it’s something we’ve all spent long, youthful days dreaming about. Would you go back in time to meet your ancestors? Or perhaps travel in the future and meet your great-great-grandchildren? Or maybe you’re scoffing at the idea of reliving your long-ago childhood days. Either way, your past self will be jumping for joy because your dreams can now come true with André Leavitt’s company Time Travels, Inc.

Okay, so Leavitt doesn’t actually have the power to truly create time travel. But she can help you plan a dream vacation that’s so perfect for you, you’ll forget about time altogether.

Leavitt founded Time Travels, Inc. in 1993 to avoid working for a corporation. As she puts it, “I have a love of travel, and I am not corporate material. I always wanted to work for myself.”

While Leavitt’s living out the dream by working for herself, she’s helping clients plan their ideal getaways. Whether that be a long weekend up north, a sunny trip to anywhere beachside, or an adventurous journey down the Danube, Time Travels Inc. has you covered. Because seniors often feel restricted in travel options due to proximity to loved ones, health-related issues, or possibly a lack of desire to travel alone, it can be difficult for seniors to not only go on vacations, but to even think about them as an option in the first place. With Leavitt’s help at Time Travels, Inc., everyone can have the vacation of their dreams, seniors included.

“My best advice for seniors is to find a good travel agent that looks out for your interests and to be able to trust them to cover the details and watch your back while traveling,” Leavitt says.

Leavitt says she sends clients of Time Travels, Inc. all over the world by helping book planes, trains, resorts, villas, cruises, and much more. Time Travels, Inc. is great for anyone looking to travel alone, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a group of people looking to get out, explore, and have a good time with an old group of friends.

While Leavitt is helping people see the world and experience life like they never have before, she says the real reason Time Travels, Inc. is so successful is because of the way she treats her clients and always prioritizes their needs and desires.

“I am still in business after all these years because I take care of my clients. I enjoy coming up with travel ideas that they have not even considered,” she says. “I find my clients great values while booking moderate to higher end travel experiences.”

Regardless of price range, destination, or any travel needs or limitations, Time Travels, Inc. has its clients covered. Whether you’re planning an expensive, once-in-a-lifetime trip across the globe or a cheaper, quiet weekend on the countryside, Time Travels, Inc. has a great selection of methods of travel, hospitality, entertainment, and deals that work with every pocketbook.

According to Leavitt, a great way to save money while traveling is to travel during the off-season. Not only are large costs like transportation and hospitality cut down quite a bit, but everyday activities, food, drinks, and other tourist attractions are typically cheaper during the travel off-season, too. And for seniors, traveling during the off season can be especially appreciated as it guarantees smaller crowds and fewer long lines.

If you’ve let go of your childhood dream to travel through time, hold onto it for just a little longer. Time Travels, Inc. is just what you’ve been looking for. Travel the world, learn about other cultures, meet new people, and experience life like you never have before. Plan your trip with Time Travels, Inc., and you are guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime. Maybe even travel back in time to your past self and let them know the good news.

For more information about Time Travels, Inc., visit their website at timetravelsinc.com.

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