The Jungle Theater presents
Gertrude Stein and a Companion by Win Wells
Based on the original 1992 Jungle production conceived and
directed by Bain Boehlke and John Clark Donahue.
Claudia Wilkens as Gertrude Stein
Barbara Kingsley as Alice B. Toklas
Direction and Set Design by Bain Boehlke
Composer: Roberta Carlson
Costume Design: Amelia Cheever
Sound Design: Sean Healey
Lighting Design: Bill Healey
Wig Design: Laura Adams
Stage Manager: John Novak
Technical Director: John Stillwell
Master Electrician: Wu Chen Khoo
Charge Scenic Artist: Samantha Johns
Production Assistant: Kathryn Jorgenson
Wardrobe Manager & Wig Maintenance: Mary Farrell
Carpenters: Brent Anderson, Levi Houkom, Kent “Boris” Kilmer, Allana Olson, Natascha Plouffe, Julia Reisinger, Nancy Waldoch
Electricians: Jesse Cogswell, Andy Kedl, Mary Shabatura, Ray Steveson, Tony Stoeri
Running Crew: Kathryn Jorgenson

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