Halloween How-To: The Real Housewives of Hennepin County


RealHousewivesDressing up as the Real Housewives is for the fabulous.  Gender bending is a total green light.  These ladies are never without their cocktail in hand and this is a case where more is more.  Big wigs, flashy dresses, and lots of makeup.  It’s easy to source some quick costumes and wigs by shopping the big supply stores that have everything in a bag and generic sizing.

If you are a man dressing up as a woman, there are a few options when it comes to makeup.  The simplest and most budget friendly option is to borrow some bright lipstick and eyeliner from a lady friend.   The other end of the spectrum is to go for a full drag makeup design with exaggerated contouring, lip, brow, and eye shapes.  The middle option is to do a transformation makeup- which is beauty makeup that looks female but is done on a male.  This makeup is pretty and is meant to look believable up close, but not at all comical.

Photography: Mike Hnida
Location: The Living Room at W Minneapolis-The Foshay
Costumes: Halloween Express in Maplewood – www.halloweenexpressmn.com
Makeup/Hair: Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios


What to Get:

Costumes: The guys had their own shoes, but for the rest of the clothing we wanted you to be able to walk into Halloween Express in Maplewood and ask for everything you see here, to make these costumes as easy as possible. You can pick from so many different options from small to pluz-size costumes. In this shoot, we used Flapper Costume, $39.99, with Rasta Wig, $12.99; Cougar Catsuit, $49.99, with Black Widow Wig, $14.99; Pop A Rozzi Costume (with blonde wig and sunglasses), $34.99; Retro Scarlet Rose Costume, $24.99, with Pin Up Page Wig, $13.99; Jersey Shore Jwoww Costume, $39.99, with Sexy Super Model Wig, $16.99, and fake lips by Effects Transfers Lip/Tuck, $12.99.

A variety of levels of makeup for beauty or drag designs can be found at Halloween Express, Norcostco, and at Midwest Makeup Supply. A professional makeup application and/or lesson is $80+ with a makeup artist.


How-To Tutorial

32-Housewives 1

Transformation Makeup Steps:
1. Color correct your 5 o’clock shadow. For lighter skin tones, go for an orange-peach color. For darker skin tones, go for an orange-red color. Cover your beard growth area after you have shaved. If you have thinner brows you want to cover, you can use the same color for that. Once you have neutralized hair growth areas, you can move onto a regular foundation color.

2. I like to use a sponge to stipple on foundation so that you don’t move that corrective color you put on first. Dab the sponge against your skin to distribute the color.

3. Feel free to mix up a highlight (a couple of shades lighter than your base) and contour (a couple of shades darker than your base) to do extra shaping. Highlight goes on convex surfaces and contour/shadow goes on concaved surfaces on the face. In general, a youthful feminine face will be more round and soft. Try not to create any hard lines or angles.

4. Powder to set.

5. Draw in brows with a pencil to create a new shape. Fill in and set with a brow powder or an eye shadow color that’s close to your hair color. If you’re just filling in the brows you already have, then you can use either a pencil or powder.

6. Use a pencil liner to line the eyes. Start on the bottom and just barely swipe the side of the pencil against your lash line. Less is more on the bottom liner. Then do the top the same way. Top liner can be thicker than bottom liner.

7. I suggest using a light neutral eye shadow across the whole eye. Then take a medium brown neutral eye shadow into the crease. Save any dark colors, bright colors, or other shimmers for the bottom outer area of the lid. Those should just be accessory. If you add them in too soon, it could get muddy.

8. Use waterproof mascara (so your eyes don’t get too smudgy underneath if you get warm). Feel free to add single lashes or a strip of false lashes if you feel daring.

9. Finish the look with a neutral gloss or pop of berry lip color- nothing too goopy and nothing too bright or you’ll be more concerned with maintaining your lip than having a fun time.


Halloween How-To Credits:

Real Housewives of Hennepin County

Photography: Mike Hnida

Models: TCGSL Members: Tim Mulhair, Reggie Acker, Tony Wolff, and Tyler Hayden. The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League (TCGSL) is one of the largest leagues in NAGAA- North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance Open Division celebrating 35 years of softball for the Minnesota GLBTA Community.

Costumes: Halloween Express in Maplewood

Makeup/Wigs by Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios – Brett Dorrian and Meghan Wick. Promotion: Custom Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning in our studio or in your home.  Package of 5 sessions for $250 (use yourself or share with friends for a tanning party).

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