The Case for Magic Mike: A History of Channing Tatum in Film and Why You Should Give “Magic Mike” a Chance


We know you’re probably not interested in seeing “Magic Mike,” coming to theaters on June 29.  No, it’s not as hard-hitting a movie as Channing Tatum is used to starring in, but hear us out.  No, it’s not a remake of a cartoon from our childhood or a Nicholas Sparks romance novel adapted for the big screen, but give it a chance. We’d like you to refer to the chart below as we make our case that perhaps the “Enjoyment Factor” of Channing’s films should not be based on the content or the characters, but whether or not he takes off clothes.

See?  This is easy.  Why should you go see Magic Mike?  It’s all here in the chart.  Channing peaks at Magic Mike and then it’s downhill from here. Or is it?


*In case you need more persuasion to see Magic Mike in theaters starting June 29, we give you: Joe Mangianello, Alex Pettyfer, and Matthew McConaughey, too:


Photos by Claudette Bariuse

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