The 2020 MCAD Art Sale


Photos courtesy of MCAD

More than two decades ago, MCAD started a tradition that puts their student talent in the spotlight—and puts you in a great position to acquire art. For 2020, the sale moves online for the first time.

“In 23 years of the Art Sale we’ve certainly never had a year like 2020, and although at first, we were sad to miss the opportunity to gather together at MCAD, we’re now so excited to bring the incredible, affordable art of our student and alumni artists into people’s homes,” noted Cindy Theis, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. “We hope that the MCAD Art Sale can be a bright spot in what has been a challenging year. We are grateful for the community that continues to support emerging artists. The Art Sale has something for everyone.”

I asked Shelby Pasell, Writer and Communications Specialist at MCAD, a few questions about MCAD’s Art acclaimed art sale:

How long has the art sale been running? How did it begin? 

This is the 23rd annual MCAD Art Sale. The sale started as, and still is, a career development opportunity for students and recent alums: where they can learn to price their work, see what sells, build relationships with buyers, and earn money to support their education and practice. The MCAD Art Sale is the largest community event at MCAD

 Who is selling their art? 

Current students and alumni who graduated in the last 5 years–so all emerging artists, which means it’s a great career development opportunity for them, but also a great opportunity for community members to buy original, affordable art work, with prices ranging from $1-$1500.

A typical year sees an in-person art sale, correct? How will this year be different? 

This Art Sale will be very different, fully online (with curbside pick-up) versus a large in-person event. What remains the same is the work, the importance of the sale for students, and an early-access VIP option for those interested in getting a head start.

This must be a big deal for students. Can you speak to that? Is this income for them? 

Many students use their art sale profits to fund their education, buy supplies, and continue making art. The sale introduces local patrons to talented emerging artists. Roughly half (48%) of student and alumni participants depend on this as yearly income. 93% were in favor of moving the sale online this year. Allows students to test the market, produce and price sellable work.

Who buys art from MCAD’s art sale? Is this open to the public? How is it accessed? 

The MCAD Art Sale is open to all buyers in Minnesota and Wisconsin this year, with convenient curbside pick-up (no shipping). All are welcome to shop, and you can go to to learn more or to make a donation to student scholarships to receive VIP Early-Access to the sale.

The sale runs November 19-21.

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