Halloween Issue: Alice in Wonderland



Alice in Wonderland

Have your own Halloween tea party with these Alice in Wonderland costumes…

Model: Jill Dusterhoft
Charming Alice Costume, HalloweenCostumes.com, $38.99

Mad Hatter
Model: Abel Diaz
Jacket, Ragstock, $12.00
Vest, Ragstock, $15.00
Mad Hatter top hat, HalloweenCostumes.com, $24.99

Alice-March-HareMarch Hare
Model: Tyler Christopher Jay
Rabbit ears, CostumeRentals, $32.00
Vest, Ragstock, $15.00
Bow tie, Amazon, $1.50
Fur Shawl, Costumes Plus, $14.99
Watches, Goodwill, $5.00

Model: William Cummings
Mouse ears, Costumes Plus, $11.99
Vest, Ragstock, $15.00
Bow tie, Amazon, $1.50
Gloves, HalloweenCostumes.com, $4.99

Alice-Cheshire-CatCheshire Cat
Model: Philip Johnson
Cat ears and tail, Costumes Plus, $21.99
Striped tank top, Amazon, $23.50
Pants, Models own

Model: Jason Moravec
Vest, Ragstock, $15.00
Jeans, Models own
Hookah, Models own

Alice-White-RabbitWhite Rabbit
Model: Mike Hnida
Rabbit ears, Costumes Plus, $5.99
Vest, Ragstock, $15.00
Shorts, Fantasy Gifts, $24.99
Bow tie, Amazon, $1.50
Harlequin thigh high stockings, Costumes Plus, $6.99

Alice-TweedleTweedledee & Tweedledum
Model: José Bueno
Striped shirt, H&M, $5.95
Adidas boxer briefs, $16.00
Bow tie, Amazon, $1.50
Suspenders, Ragstock, $9.99
Striped thigh high stockings, Party City, $4.99

Photography, Costumes, Styling, and Artwork by Mike Hnida

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