Be A Bakken Bride (Or Groom)


The Bakken Museum offers special garden-side weddings to make saying “I do” all that more unique. Photo by Julie Dukowitz

Get hitched at the Bakken Museum garden-side venue.

The Bakken Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, is known for its world-class collection of historic medical and scientific instruments as well as books, journals, and manuscripts. What is less known to many is that the Bakken Museum doubles as one of the most beautiful and unique wedding venues in the area.

Located in the historic West Winds mansion on Bde Maka Ska, the Bakken Museum has been providing a beautiful wedding landscape to newlyweds for over 25 years. With a focus on science and nature in its museum, it’s no wonder that the Bakken Museum’s wedding venue incorporates elements from the surrounding landscape.

“The Bakken Museum is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and stunning examples of nature, including three distinctive gardens. The Florence Bakken Medicinal Garden curves around the museum’s west side. Inspired by medieval European ‘physic’ gardens, it features medicinal plantings and a rock fountain with aquatic plants. Garden-side weddings are typically hosted in this serene courtyard space framed by a pergola entwined with flowers,” says Angela Julin, manager of events and public operations.

Additionally, guests are welcome to explore the Dakota Native Plants Garden encompassing the wetlands area on the east side of the museum. Julin says it’s common to spy deer and other wildlife grazing on the plants and trees.

David Beccue and Mark McKone were just one of many GLBT couples married at the Bakken. Photo by Julie Dukowitz

“The mansion itself was built in 1929, and features Gothic-Tudor stylistic influences with architectural details unique to the property that are a must-see,” she says.

Julin says the Bakken Museum is an ideal venue for anyone to get hitched. Inclusive to all, the Bakken Museum has hosted several GLBT weddings, and they encourage more GLBT lovebirds to check out their venue and consider making it their spot to say “I do.”

“We strive to be an inclusive community space and welcome all to celebrate with us,” Julin says.

The Bakken Museum boasts the ability to comfortably and suitably host a variety of different weddings, regardless of personal style or vision of the couple. Because of its outdoor setting, the Bakken Museum’s garden-side weddings are perfect for any wedding, whether it be elegant and formal or natural and casual. With the lake, a number of gardens, and the beautiful historic mansion, it’s hard to find a wedding style that would look out of place amongst the lush greenery and breathtaking scenery.

The Bakken Museum, located in Minneapolis, is a science museum that also offers venue rentals, including garden-side weddings. Photo by Katie Thering

“The Bakken Museum is located in uptown on Bde Maka Ska; however, our grounds and facility offer guests the chance to enjoy an outdoor wedding, reminiscent of the English Countryside, without leaving the city,” Julin says. “We are able to accommodate many unique scenarios with our variety of room rentals to provide everything from intimate experiences to full-mansion fetes.”

Though the Bakken Museum is suitable for essentially any and every wedding type, Julin says one thing couples don’t need to spend too much time or money on is decorations, because the venue itself is littered with decorations: natural ones.

“We often find that due to the intrinsic beauty of the property, there is minimal need for decorations, which allows the venue to speak for itself, and saves couples time to enjoy their special day! Our rental pricing is all inclusive, so there are no hidden charges, and we take time to get to know each of our couples and their families to provide the best possible experience for all,” Julin says. “We also aren’t limited to specific caterers, and allow our guests to truly customize their special day.”

Whether you’re looking to get hitched in a casual outdoor setting with a few of your closest friends and family or tie the knot in a sea of people with the most elegant and glamorous wedding you can imagine, the Bakken Museum is a perfect location for you. Embrace Minnesota’s few-but-fierce summer months with an outdoor wedding at the Bakken Museum, and show your guests how to enjoy the views of Bde Maka Ska like never before.

For more information about the Bakken Museum and its wedding venue, visit their website at or explore their social media @thebakkenmuseum.

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