Some Sass to Kick Trivia Lass


One of the games offered by Sassy Lassy is “Survey Says”, a riff on Family Feud. Photo courtesy of Sassy Lassy Events

Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events gives game night a whole new meaning.

Founded by an Irishman in 2010, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events has become notorious for its playfulness, laughter, and sincere interactions with clients. Five years later, Julie DuRose purchased the brand and expanded into private event planning.

“Our clients might be planning everything from a bat mitzvah to a holiday party to a team-building session, conference, or fundraiser. We’re really great at pairing each event with the right host(s) and game(s), so we can strike the right tone at every event. We help clients land the perfect venue, caterer, florist, or anything else they may need,” DuRose says.

Additionally, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events hosts games unlike any other. From custom trivia to “The Amazing Scavenger Race” to “Minute To Bring It,” entertaining guests is nothing foreign to the staff at Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events.

Sassy Lassy offers a variety of services ranging from game nights and trivia to team-building sessions and improv acts. Photo courtesy of Sassy Lassy Events

“We do still host some public trivia nights around the Twin Cities, but we’re more of a boutique pub trivia company these days. We say ‘no thank you’ more than we say ‘yes.’ We’re only a good fit for bars that want something other than bog standard trivia,” she says. “Our trivia nights are as much about the host personalities and the rapport they build with teams week after week, and about the laughter and engagement in the room.”

In addition to bringing game night to the bar, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events has also hosted a variety of events for clients including birthday parties, weddings, and rehearsal dinners.

Sassy Lassy offers drag shows and drag queen emcees for their events. Photo courtesy of Sassy Lassy Events

“We’ve hosted a few grand birthday soirees, and our drag queen hosts are especially popular for weddings and rehearsal dinners. We’ll do 300+ events this year, and the vast majority are for corporate clients like US Bank, Best Buy, Allina, Medtronic, General Mills, and many other fabulous but smaller local businesses,” DuRose says.

Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events’ drag queens are known for drawing in crowds of people looking to be entertained. The Sassy Lassy Troupe includes a number of local drag artists who, in addition to participating in game shows and drag shows, host unique drag queen events.

“Drag has a long and rich history, but performers like RuPaul have done so much work to make drag accessible to wider audiences. Even our corporate clients are asking about drag queen hosts for their events, which I think is great evidence that positive representation in pop culture really matters,” she says.

Sassy Lassy Events features a diverse roster of hosts and emcees for their shindigs. Photo courtesy of Sassy Lassy Events

DuRose says Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events is also heavily involved in the GLBT community in the Twin Cities. Currently, about half of the current Sassy Lassy Troupe identifies as GLBT.

“I work hard to create a company culture that celebrates people as they are—starting with our hosts,” DuRose says.

Known for celebrating individuality, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a game night with a little extra sass.

“The format of our games makes it possible to channel the diversity of voices in the room. Our primary goal is to make people feel less self-conscious and more likely to shine as the best versions of themselves, so they are in their best place to connect to the others in the room,” DuRose says.

DuRose says their goal is to make everyone in the room feel included and like their voice is being heard. Whether they’re participating in a round of trivia or just sharing a joke, everyone will feel like the center of attention at a Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events soiree.

“All of our offerings are interactive, team-oriented, and reward creativity and humor—not just the ‘correct’ answers. We don’t actually care so much if you can’t name the country that took home the most medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Any of us can look that up in ten seconds, and it doesn’t tell your neighbor anything about you that you know that,” she says. “But if you say, ‘Well, it sure wasn’t Russia,’ and make your team laugh, and then the host can bring the whole room in on that joke? That’s a valuable commodity.”

As the only woman-owned entertainment company in the region, DuRose says Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events chooses to buy from women-owned, GLBT, and minority-owned businesses for at least 70 percent of their purchasing needs. Additionally, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events is looking to host some coming out parties to further celebrate the community.

“We’d be honored. In fact, I’d love to offer our nonprofit rate for all coming out parties in 2018. We’d definitely raise the vibration of the room and hold safe space for all,” she says.

In addition to private events, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events will be hosting some upcoming public events around the Twin Cities, and they always include drag performances. The next one will be hosted at Muse Event Center on May 10. Tickets can be purchased online with a $10 discount when the code LAVENDER is applied. Find out more here.

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