Halloween How-To: Snow White & Prince Charming



Snow White and Prince Charming is one of the first power couples we’ve come to know.  The animated version of the fairytale came to the big screen in 1937.  The idea of a fairytale romance has in many ways evolved into the idea of a fairytale wedding for modern couples.  What a better way to showcase this iconic couple in costume than with the backdrop of one of the most dreamy, castle-like wedding venues in the state: the beautiful Van Dusen Mansion.

Dressing up as a fairytale couple has its advantages.  You have a fairly minimal time investment.  You can go to Norcostco for your costume rental and they will actually pull options, let you try things on, and help you decide your design.  You can totally skip doing numerous trips to thrift stores and department stores trying to find the perfect thing to make your costume look authentic.

Dressing up as a fairytale couple totally lends itself to there being one person/character that is a little more involved than another, like the princess as compared to the prince.  So, if your partner reeeeealllly wants to dress up for Halloween, this is a pretty painless way to participate that will score you major brownie points for being a good sport.  May you live happily ever after…for Halloween and beyond!

Photography: Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios
Location: The Van Dusen Mansion
Models: Shannon Blowtorch as Prince Charming and Tea Simpson as Snow White
Costumes: Norcostco, styled by Mandi Johnson – www.norcostco.com
Makeup/Hair: Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios


What to Get:

Costumes: Rental at Norcostco includes your appointment to get measured and pick things out, the rental itself, and cleaning afterward (Snow White $64.95, Prince Charming $54.95). Halloween costume rental rates vary from $45.95-71.95, depending on what you rent.

You can also do the Halloween costume-in-a-bag version for $64.95 at Norcostco.
Snow Whites’s hair net:  Wave-O-Net ‘The All Purpose Hair Cap’ at Sally Beauty Supply, $1.09.


How-To Tutorial

Step 1:  Winged Liner

Most fairytale princesses have a nice crisp eyeliner and a poppy red or pink lip.  For a quick and easy winged liner, use a liquid liner pen-style applicator.

33-Snow White 1

Draw the eyeliner across your lash line to whatever thickness desired.  Then draw a little diagonal line from the outer corner of your eye in the direction towards the end of your eyebrow.

34-Snow White 2

Fill in a shape that looks like a long and flat triangle, but when the eye opens, it’s a lovely little winged liner shape.

Step 2:  Basic Princess Hair

Four curls and a hairnet is all that stands between you and princess hair for Halloween.

35-Snow White 3

Part your hair at the ear (like a headband going across). The front will then be split into two sections, parted in the center on top.

36-Snow White 4

Use a 1” curling iron.  For each front section, you will put in two curls going in back the direction away from the face.

37-Snow White 5

When you remove the curling iron for each curl, catch the curl in your hand and pin it in place against the head.  Do this for both front sections- two big curls per front section.

38-Snow White 6

Use a regular old hairnet to catch the main back section.  Anchor it into place with bobby pins.

39-Snow White 7

Use your hands to shape the back section into place so it’s visible when you look at it from the front.

Halloween How-To Credits:

Inspired by Snow White & Prince Charming

Photography: Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios – Brett Dorrian.

Models: Shannon Blowtorch as Prince Charming, Tea Simpson as Snow White. Shannon Blowtorch is an internationally known DJ, promoter, and sound engineer. Tea Simpson is the lead singer of the internationally known all-girl garage rock band, L’Assassins.


Makeup/Hair by Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios – Brett Dorrian. Promotion: Book photography with the studio for your 2014 or 2015 wedding date by 11/15/13 and get a FREE engagement session ($250 value).

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