“Shame of Thrones” – Brave New Workshop Taps Into the Persecution Complex Ailing Us Nowadays


Photo by Dani Werner.

The Brave New Workshop continues its high standard of sketch comedy with a madcap collaboration titled Shame of Thrones: Stupidity War directed by Caleb McEwen. The possible overuse of the word “shame” can sometimes be used as an evasion tactic for not taking responsibility for something we know we ought to take responsibility for. And at other times, it can be necessarily appropriate. Though the revue’s title is funny, might it be warning us that sometimes we go too far with projecting blame where it doesn’t belong? The breakdown of society is built into comments to the effect of “it’s not murder if it’s annoying” and frequent mentions of our toxic interdependence on social media.

Photo by Dani Werner.

Subjects ranging from the proverbial carbon footprint, to deadening elevator music, to male masturbation spilling one’s seed (naughty, naughty), to the blaming of others for perceived “micro-aggressions”, are put into vignette form by a wonderful cast. Taj Ruler, Doug Neithercott, Denzel Belin, and in her 50th BNW production, Minnesota’s Funniest Funny Lady, Lauren Anderson, show us what comic timing and precision are all about. What’s more is that they take on irrational thought across the political spectrum, whether it’s the self-deception of “wokesters” or on the other end, the impossibility of being perfect enough for the puritanical.

Photo by Dani Werner.

John Pumper’s music direction and Matthew Vichlach’s technical direction support the revue nicely with bounce and flourish matched with comic projections.
Shame of Thrones: Stupidity War
Through Oct. 12
Brave New Workshop, Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis

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