Photo by Jaime Carrera.
Photo by Jaime Carrera.

Photo by Jaime Carrera.

Mar. 16-18
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Jaime Carrera’s performance art consistently breaks boundaries with its bold inquiries into sexuality. For his latest he says “I named this piece for the most current annoying buzzword being bandied about the art scene. Earlier it was curate, now it’s residency, it seems. I rarely make reaction pieces but with this new work, I wanted to react to several things happening in my life. Everything from recently coming out of a month’s long severe bout of depression, to commenting on the gentle art of ass kissing. More than ever, I wanted to make a dance that expresses the ultimate satisfaction of being who you are at any cost. Accepting yourself for who you are, whether it’s being queer or uncompromising in your own set of values.”

If anyone of the younger generations has taken the 1990s in-your-face performance art movement into the second decade of the 21st century, it’s Carrera. And I mean this in the best sense. He is still interested in examining the nature of erotic desire on its own terms without any politically correct mediation from the right of course, but also from the left. He’s an artist interested in what he sees as true, not what’s currently acceptable. In so doing, he always takes us into new territory.

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