Québec October Events


By Keven Tremblay

In a monthly column featuring must-visit events in Québec from a person who lives there, Keven Tremblay acts as your personal tour guide. Making sure you’re aware of the best and biggest events the province has to offer, he highlights what makes the predominantly French-speaking province so special.
"A Quiet Passion," playing at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

“A Quiet Passion,” playing at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

It’s been 45 years that the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma has proven its ability to continually adapt to the most avant-garde audiovisual practices in the field. During those 11 days, you’ll have the opportunity to experience over 350 films by Canadians and international directors and artists. There is also gonna be more than 50 various activities that will be offered to the the people of Montreal and abroad. Be ready to explore new mindsets and territories. This festival will push the boundaries of your imagination to a whole new level.

Date: Oct. 5–16
Website: www.nouveaucinema.ca


Festival La Virée

Since 2001, the Festival La Virée in Carleton-sur-Mer highlights the cultural practices from the Québec tradition with professional performances of storytelling, music, songs, and traditional dances. This event presents over 40 artisans and local producers, exhibitions, an old crafts tent, chats on historical subjects, entertainment for children, musical happy hours, and dining. You can also participate in multiple workshops which create a direct contact between the artists and the public.

Date: Oct. 7–9
Website: www.festivallaviree.com


L’Off Jazz

This festival has become a mainstay of Montreal’s cultural life. It’s still run by a committee composed of a majority of musicians. The festival has been able to preserve the values that underlie its mission which is to encourage creative expression from Montreal. This year, there will be more than 20 jazz concerts which are going to take place in seven different venues all over the city. So get your jazz on, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy this music that’s gonna take your mind in a whole new world.

Date: Oct. 6–15
Website: www.lofffestivaldejazz.com


Halloween Sur Les Plaines d’Abraham

Throughout the month of October, ghosts and mysterious characters will be haunting the Plains of Abraham hoping to come across courageous visitors. The National Battlefields Commission invites the population to take part in this feast, as amusing as it is terrifying. The young and not-so-young will enjoy all kinds of activities. This year, there is a new addition to the activity and it is called Tales of the Bad Old Days. This new activity is designed for an adult public and seems to be really scary. So this event is for people who still want to have a little scare for Halloween.

Date: Oct. 1–Nov. 6
Website: www.quebecregion.com/en/what-to-do/events/halloween-on-the-plains-of-abraham/

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