Québec August Events

Hot Air Balloons

By Keven Tremblay

In a monthly column featuring must-visit events in Québec from a person who lives there, Keven Tremblay acts as your personal tour guide. Making sure you’re aware of the best and biggest events the province has to offer, he highlights what makes the predominantly French-speaking province so special.

Hot Air BalloonsFestivent de Lévis (Québec)
It’s the 34th edition of this festival that includes music and magnificent family gathering. During these five days, international artists such as Three Days Grace and The Offspring come to rock hard and party even harder. However, this event isn’t just about music, it’s also an ode to the wind. You’ll have the chance to admire impressive skydiving athletes and air balloon shows. The Festivent is going to make you fly high from dusk until dawn, which is why you need to be there!
Date: Aug. 3–7, 2016
Website: www.festivent.net

Grands Feux Loto — Québec
This event consists of six different themed nights which end with a firework show. This year, themes include opera, movies, jazz, celtic, urban, and circus. This is all taking place on the St. Lawrence River near the port of the city which makes the fireworks look even more spectacular! Time seems to stop while thousands of people take time to enjoy life itself and the beauty of those six gorgeous and impressive shows that are always whimsical.
Date: Aug. 6–24, 2016
Website: www.lesgrandsfeux.com

This outdoor circus takes place at the port of Québec and is one of the few free events that happen in Québec City. This show will bring you into a mysterious and fascinating world of car skeletons, flicking lights, and torches that illuminate the night. A place where obscurity is pierced by fire and life. The acrobats and athletes will tell you a story that is full of shadows, secrets and revelations.
Date: Aug. 9–Sept. 4
Website: www.quebecregion.com

Festibière de Québec
The Festibière is a beer tasting festival that has taken place in the old port of Québec City since 2010. Exhibitors from across Québec and around the world gather to help you discover their most delicious brew. During this time, microbreweries, local agri-food producers, and cider makers passionately present the diversity of their amazing products. At the Festibière you can enjoy conferences by brewing industry experts, music shows, great food, and the best beer you’ve ever had.
Date: Aug. 18–21, 2016
Website: www.festibieredequebec.com

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