Q&A with Neon Hitch, PRIDE in Concert Headliner



1. What draws you to perform at PRIDE festivals throughout the country?

I have the most fun doing those shows…any place I can make out with a girl and throw glitter on people is the place to be!

2. What’s one thing you can’t tour without?

Jameson whiskey. 🙂

3. Is there anything specific that you really want to see or do in Minneapolis?  The big spoon in the Sculpture Garden, the Mall of America, the Segway tours along the river, hang with the kick ass fans at the concert, LOLLIPOP party & brunch…? So much to do, so little time. 

I never get to see the sights when I play in different cities, but I ALWAYS make sure I get time to hang with some fans.  That’s my favorite part!

4. Who’s your favorite gay icon and why?

My mum – well, she’s bisexual.  She is the most inspiring person in my life.  She is a free spirit and has always taught me to follow my dreams and fight for what I believe in.

5. What inspires your incredible style?  Any hints and what you’ll be rocking on Saturday?

My gypsy lifestyle has a big influence on my style.  I also takes elements from when I was living in India. And of course, anything that shows my butt cheeks. 😉

6. You shot to the top of the charts collaborating with Gym Class Heroes.  Who is another artist or group you’d love to collab with?


7. If you could trade places with someone for one day, who would that person be?

John Lennon – to see what the afterlife for us hippies is like.

8. What is your favorite pastime for days off from performing, recording, etc.?

Spa! I love a bit of pampering!

9. If you were a flower, what type of flower would you be and why?

Probably a sunflower.  It’s kind of a symbol for freedom and light.

10. What’s coming next for you?

I’m in the studio a lot and can’t wait to share this new product with you!

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