Pulitzer Prize-winning Proof Delves Into Mental Illness on Stage

Photo by Elle Zulauf and Candid Theater Co.

Photo by Elle Zulauf and Candid Theater Co.

David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Proof is in production by Candid Theater, a group known for its strong presentations of contemporary plays. Earlier this year Candid gave us a crackling production of Seraphina Nova’s new play, Dogwood, a sharply observed piece about the way family dysfunction and mental deterioration take difficult turns as time goes on.

Director Justin Kirkeberg says “Proof was chosen as a sort of companion piece to Dogwood which had its world premier in April of 2014. In Dogwood we saw a family coming to terms with mental illness (dementia). David Auburn shows us the other side of that journey, the after effects of a family that has been fully shattered by mental illness. A daughter with promise of her own who is afraid to embrace her potential for fear of the cost to her mind. Proof delves into the fear of mental illness that is all too real in our society. When we are confronted with mental illness of family members we do one of two things: we run placing as much distance between our selves and the ill, or we allow the affected to effectively take over our lives. In Proof it takes a relative stranger to see that one can be a genius and a madman, reminding us that we as a society can make room for both, it does not need to be all or nothing.”

Michael Terrell Brown plays outsider Hal. He shares that Hal shows how one has to “juggle love, pride, trust, and respect all in a very short time.”

Through Aug. 24
Cedar Riverside Peoples Center, 425 20th Av. So., Mpls.

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