Mother/Daughter Relationship Powerfully Evoked by Topnotch Women’s Theatre Group

Photo by Richard Fleischman.

Photo by Richard Fleischman.

Jennifer Blackmer’s remarkable and wrenching drama, Unraveled, paradoxically gleams with splendid wit.  Its dreamy Theatre Unbound staging directed by Mary Cutler mines the anguish and confusion of Joy, an adult daughter unable to come to terms emotionally with her mother’s dementia caused by chemotherapy. Rebecca Myers Yoho’s numinous portrayal captures how Joy’s judgemental academic persona is no match for feelings evoked by the scatalogical physical deterioration and sometimes violent emotional deterioration she witnesses as her mother slides toward death. Kristen C. Mathisen and Carin Leonard-Gorrill beguile as the older and younger versions of the mother. Jamila Anderson brings vibrant unflinching honesty to the role of the hospice nurse, Anna. Eli Coates as the man Joy loves endears as he evokes the emotional courage and resiliency of a man who keeps his heart open despite the humiliating negativity he seems compelled to endure.

Through  Nov. 10
Womans Club of Minneapolis, 410 Oak  Grove St., Mpls.
(612) 721-1186

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